I was born in 1972 in Israel.           at the age of 21 , after serving the israely defence force , i had started traveling the world .  

As i was traveling through Mexico, in 1996 , I have seen for the first time this new fascinating form of art , later found called : “SPRAY PAINT ART” .

Since that day I never stopped painting , and till this day i

am still traveling and making my living purely from my passion , my love , my art.  

So I had painted and sold thousands of paintings in 4 different continents and so many countries …

My clients were of all kinds, genders, ages,color, nationality and mentality , thus i have found out the common of them all , through observation at there favourite pieces.

My art today speaks to all , is diverse from a conservative landscape to a psychedelic abstract picture ,it comes through me but not from me , and has much more in it then is seen with the eyes….


NOW , HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL GET ....when you subscribe

  • 10% discount coupon for everything i sell in my store

  • Would you like to learn how to paint with spray like this ?  it is easy , I can teach anyone to create  Amazing paintings in short time....If you are in Cabo san Lucas area (in Mexico) or in Israel , you will also be eligible to attend a course or a private lesson with a 10% discunt. 

  • to learn more about my courses you can visit the SPA Academy page in my website. 

  • You may purchase a print out of this collection below , for only 2.99$ (instead of 9.99-14.99) 


payment and recieving the poster: 


1. there are 2 options to recieve the poster : if you live in Israel  , or around cabo san lucas , Mexico , you may come and pick it up to save the cost of shipping

2. Otherwise , you may pay for shipping :  

in Israel or Mexico - 5 us$

other places internationaly - 7 us$


  • Fill in your name and email in the form above , and click "subscribe now" 

  • Go to your mail box , and find a couple emails I had sent to you . ( if you dont see it check

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One of these Emails is a thank you message and the other contains your coupon gifts  for my store , including: 

  • free shipping coupon for your first order of original painting 

  • 10% discount coupon on everything sold in my store : originals , prints and products (good for your first order)

  • You will also find 2 discounted coupons for each print collection (max. prints you are able 2 order for this price is 2 of each collection.) 

Now all that's left for you to do is to scroll back up to the form , enter your email and  you're on the roll :)  

Then , please come for a visit in my store , and purchase whatever you wish with your coupons .

I will keep you updated about my store and art , It is not going to be oppressive in any way , very light and fun with good content and offers.  

your email is secured with me and will not be passsed or sold to any one.  


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jesus Tomb , Jerusalem
Baptism in the Jordan River
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