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ART Installations

First i got space ...on the beach front in Eilat ( Israel  2004-5) , in the back of the beach restaurant , with a front to the boardwalk.......

Then , i planned building a room out of cast walls , a ceiling , etc.... 

I Actually , painted the boards first , then set them up , and worked on the patching them together afterwards . I sealed it well , so no light could enter the room , and so the aircondition inside would work well ( Eilat is extreml hot in the summers when season is up) ....    <continue>

Well, this story all started when i had to leave my apt and find a new place ... a big task that i was not so happy to do ...i was ready to stay in that little apt. where i was staying forever....but life has a way of its own , and i had started looking for a new place.... the moment when i saw this house , a clear vision came down to my mind , I knew this was it ...that was a point everything had changed .....              <continue> 

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