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THE ART OF LIGHT / Ronny Or Haklay

The Art of Light / Ronny Or Haklay

Beyond the limits of imagination: A Gallery of Spiritual and Futuristic Art

The art that I create with spray cannot be attributed to any known category in the field of art and hence this is real art, original art that can break through to another unknown dimension of beauty and creativity.

I am not the one that started using spray paint to create paintings and art – this art had commenced in Mexico about twenty years ago; street artists would rapidly paint live in front of a crowd of people using innovative and impressive techniques but because they were focused on making money from tourists rather than on making art, this art form hasn't reached new heights in many years.

My first encounter with this art form was in Mexico, about 20 years ago and as soon as I saw it the fire started burning inside me. I was travelling then, painting, writing and photographing – art had become my way of life and I was greatly inspired by the Mexican street artists and had established a new vision: to take this art form and create profound and meaningful art – I knew that with this medium I could express my fantasies, feelings and intentions and influence a great many people.

I immediately purchased cans of spray paint, a few papers and went to work.

I've been studying the spray paint for years and its various reponses to other materials and out of the new friendship created between us, the matter (the spray paint) had revealed many secrets to me and so I've created new techniques that did produce original art, which directly expresses the moment I was in every time I painted.

I've been travelling around the world for 15 years and spirituality had become a way of life to me; I've learned the correlation between art and spirituality and realized that the magic of the creation is vested in art and that a mystic and divine connection is directed me and teaching me to make magic and include intentions and magic while painting and thus influence the spectators.

I've studied color and its psychological influences upon human beings, I've explored all of the possible color combinations and how the interaction between them influences the human soul. I've studied this world as well as other dimensions of other realities and of the human fantasy world. All of this has eventually come together into one magical vision, into an instrument of giving and of public service and self-fulfillment.

To conclude ,

The art that I create with the spray paint integrates extensive knowledge of spirit and matter, of color and soul, of the magic of creation and true intentions, of knowledge concerning art and its influence on the course of history and on the future.

Nowadays, I use the paintings to create strong and positive energy in their environment – I influence and teach about love, about cosmic connection, about giving and acceptance, about the moment and about eternity.

These paintings are meditative and therapeutic paintings and can be used together with guided imagination or personal meditation, they have codes that directly influence the heartbeat and the emotions; they create a condition of relaxation and a state of faith and hope; they themselves create reality. I use various forms of energy and ancient symbols such as the spiral or the circle in order to route the energy generated by the paintings to the person beholding them.

In an attempt to describe the undefined, I can say that this art is current as well as futuristic art, spiritual as well as physical art, modern and expressive art.

The subjects close to me that are expressed in my paintings are other worlds and dimensions, one may say parallel dimensions, worlds in which everything is simpler, dominated by harmony and leading to a state of relaxation and an association with the soul and with the dreams vested in us all. Sometimes they're on earth by the incredible nature revealed to us here, which fills me with inspirations: the enchanted landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, the ocean, lakes and rivers, mountains, sunsets and sunrises of the moon and the sun, the skies and the expanses and other times in space or in another planet and they're mainly in a world that integrates all elements: from this world, from outer space and from the world of fantasy and illusion.

I've been inspired by the nature and the life in it, by intelligent entities that live among us like the dolphins at sea and the human beings on the land, providing a link between the different dimensions of spirit and matter. I found inspiration in the stars and the planets revolving around us, the sun, the moon and the accompanying phenomena – all of these things bear a great influence upon the different dimensions within us and more than anything else, I am inspired by my brothers and sisters, the human beings, with their sensitive soul and their profound understandings – all of these were a source of inspiration to me.

Today I create these world using the spray paint, my hands and the spiritual connection and by doing this I aspire to design not just a club or a restaurant, but to devise a new reality, that would correlate with my paintings and be simpler, more harmonious, more tranquil and filled with light and with loving intentions.

Hence I call this new art: The Art of Light.

The light is expressed in the colors, the sources of light in the skies I paint, in the ultra-violet light I use in order to intensify the sensations in some of my creations, while in other levels it is expressed by the inner light vested within me and within my spectators and within the original light distributed by the artwork independently, to anyone open enough and willing to accept it.

The imagination has no limits, but if it did have, what you will see would have an existence beyond them…

Ronny Haklay

Spray Painter

Light Artists

World Changer

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