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At the top of the World ( or REVELATION)

At the top of the World ( or REVELATION)

At the top of the World  /  REVELATION
Meditation painting , helps with calming the thoughts , centering and raising own Consciousness
This is an original painting, done with Motip lacquer spray paint  on wood frame
dimensions:  50X70 cm
price : 199 us $
This painting was done by aerosols , regular spray cans 
with various methods and techniques.
by Ronny Haklay, the Masterspray , 2013 Israel
spray painting art / spray art / space art
pictures for the soul , meditative paintings, that are like gates into other dimensions , within you.


Original/Reproduction: Original

Listed By: Artist

Signed?: Signed

Medium: spray paint Lacquer spray paint on wood frame

Subject: Space , Fantasy

Style: Surrealism

Size Type/Largest Dimension: Big 50X70 cm

Date of Creation: 2013

Region of Origin: Israel

Location : Israel


( Big paiintings pack 01 - painting no. 05 ) 
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