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Meditation painting , 

we are one . one is as hard to understand as infinity to us individuals human beings. 
ONE is a form of LOVE , first you become one with yourself , this is when you learn to love yourself...
actually you are born with this gift , but most of us learn to forget it and have to search for it again ....
the second step is become one with a soul mate , a partner , and create a special space for only the two of you , 
This is when we learn to love the other , with his good side and bad side , we learn to compromise and share ....we create one unit called a couple ...
The third level , is presented here , you make a family , combined with adults and children , all one unit . thinking together , planing together , traveling together , living together....this is where you find out devotion , you are ready to step of the stage for the best for someone else , who is a part of you , one in your ONE unit , where all is one .... 
the higher steps are yet to come , where neighbours and tribes learn to live as one , where countries and people of all colors will realise we are all one unit called humans , like the ants and the mushrooms , we have one collective consciousness . we are ONE 
there are even higher steps , at the very end , we are one with mother earth , we are one with all creatures , we are one with the universe , we are one  with god....
This painting will help keep the Harmony in the family , and remind you what we are practicing there :) 

This is an original painting, done with Motip lacquer spray paint  on wood frame

dimensions:  50X70 cm
price : 249 us $
This painting was done by aerosols , regular spray cans 
with various methods and techniques.
by  ronny haklay the Masterspray , 2015 Israel
spray painting art / spray art / space art
pictures for the soul , meditative paintings, that are like gates into other dimensions , within you.


Original/Reproduction: Original

Listed By: Artist

Signed?: Signed

Medium: spray paint Lacquer spray paint on wood frame

Subject: Religious & Inspirational , Family , Space ,Spiritual

Style: Surrealism

Size Type/Largest Dimension: Big 50X70 cm

Date of Creation: 2015

Region of Origin: Israel

Location : Israel


( BIG pack 02 painting 04 )
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