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Meditation painting , 
WHEN two fall in love they create a new sacred space, holy for love. there they can practice being one. they learn to communicate beyond words, to know each other from the very core ... 
ONE is as hard to understand as infinity to us individuals human beings. 
ONE is a form of LOVE ...


This is an original painting, done with Motip Lacquer spray paint  on wood frame


dimentions:  35X50 cm
price : 169.00 us dollars 
This painting was done by aerosols, regular spray cans 
with various methods and techniques.
by Ronny Haklay the Masterspray, 2011 Israel
spray painting art / spray art / space art
pictures for the soul , meditative paintings, that are like gates into other dimensions , within you.


Original/Reproduction: Original

Listed By: Artist

Signed?: Signed

Medium: spray paint Lacquer spray paint on wood frame

Subject: Space, Fantasy, romantic, Love

Style: Surrealism

Size Type/Largest Dimension: Medium 35X50 cm

Date of Creation: 2011

Region of Origin: Israel

Location: Israel

( Small pack 07 painting 07 )
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